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Hallowe’en Howls

October 31, 2009


Happy Hallowe’en, flies ‘n ghouls!

I’m going to York to take part in a ‘zombie walk’, which will either be great fun, or it’ll rain like hell and we’ll just be a couple of hundred soggy undead squelching round the city…


Due to ‘financial issues’ (don’t ask), I can’t afford a train ticket to York, so no zombie walking for me. I’m so broke, it’s scary…  ah well, looks like I’ve hit a dead end. I’m going to try and raise my spirits somehow. Ahah. Hah. Hmm.



Clothing Conundrum

October 28, 2009


I hate having to think about clothes. Just now, however, I opened my cupboard to be met with the realisation that all my t-shirts seem to have gotten worn and used without my noticing, and suddenly there aren’t any to wear. Hmm. Tomorrow might have to be a ‘just wear a jumper by itself’ day…

Three cheers for winter, at least, which makes forgetful clothes washing a more viable option!

October 25, 2009

Seams of the Void – Part I

When the first strands of time were sewn

Through the infinite seams of the void

A single stitch was thrown aside

And the unwritten balance destroyed

For what had been destined a perfect work

Was no longer unblemished and pure

Through the smallest of glitches something had snuck

Something with a will to endure

And as the fledgling reality stretched

Testing the strength of its weave

It felt something niggling out of place

That was never going to leave…

Godzilla vs. Oculus

October 23, 2009


Woah yeah. The most badass boat ever.

Apparently it’s  classified as a ‘yacht’… but really it looks like something more suitable for taking over the world in than ferrying rich people around tropical hotspots. Sadly it’s not actually been built yet, but it’s the lead design for Schöpfer Yachts LLC ‘s new range of boats, so who knows – it might be sooner rather than later that this Godzilla-esque sea-dwelling beast will be looming over horizons across the globe!


Grarr! Oculus rise from deep! Eat puny humans!

An Evening With Man Flu

October 21, 2009



Lemsip is good

Lemsip is nice

Lemme sip Lemsip

With curry and rice


October 19, 2009


I’m in one of those out-of-nowhere happy moods. Well, almost out-of-nowhere. From the very earliest days of when I’d begun to pick up electric guitars and make terrible parodies of melody on them, my goal was always that one day I wanted to be able to play the solo in the Iron Maiden song ‘The Trooper’ [Link]. That, I thought, clutching my plectrum with the frenetic passion of teenage enthusiasm, would mean I was a guitar GOD.

Well, this weekend, around seven years later, I finally achieved that goal 😀 Notes were fizzing off the fretboard and scorching white-hot marks into the air, etc. etc., and though I’m still far from being anything more than an earnest basher of strings, it’s damn satisfying to reach a point that in my mid-teen perceptions was just off-the-fucking-scale-and-atop-the-highest-mountain unreachable. 😀

Behold, the instrument of this face-melting musical achievement! The awesomness is somewhat offset by the flowery curtains in the background of the picture, sadly… this was taken in my old house, back in 2004, and it’s too much effort to unearth a camera to take a decent new snap 😉 :


It has served me well over the years, and long may it continue to do so!

I also just read this brilliant article about our oldest ancestor being a proton-powered rock (Yeah, I considered some sort of rock-music related pun segue into this, but for your sake, and mine, decided against it). It’s fascinating: if we’ve come from that – an existence so incomprehensibly different to what we know now – what’s waiting for us at the other end of the evolutionary scale?

La Vie Est Un Long Fleuve Tranquille…

October 17, 2009

… so long as you’re not watching rubbish French films. Yesterday I was going to a college to observe a couple of lessons in which the students were discussing the titular eighties baby-swap drama/comedy film, so on wednesday, during a rare flash of initiative I figured I might as well watch the film myself so that I would know what was going on. I borrowed the DVD from someone one my course, and that evening settled back to watch  it on my PC…

After the film had finished its dreary consumption of one and a half hours of my life however, my computer upped and died, refusing to turn back on. *Pfft.* Just like that. I was reminded of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tale where a Vogon, upon reading some of his poetry, is strangled by his own intestines attempting to end the horrible experience.

Long story short though, my graphics card had overheated, but the relevant technological deities have been appeased and all is back up and running.



Hamlet still isn’t finished though 😳

“Graphs About Lasagne”

October 14, 2009

That’s the best of the ‘search terms people have used to find your blog’ so far! The mind boggles. And then reminds me I haven’t had tea yet.

I also just realised tomorrow’s the 15th, when I’m supposed to have finished Hamlet. Not to worry though; deadlines are enemy soldiers sneaking through the undergrowth – and I don’t attack until I can see the whites of their eyes…

Dagon (It’s Nearly Tuesday)*

October 12, 2009

Today however, is Cop-Out Monday! Nothing to report aside a craving for curry that’s verging on apocalyptic, and an evening spent reading teaching notes and H.P. Lovecraft, so in a tie-in that’s looser than Paris Hilton’s knicker elastic, here’s a cartoon I drew of fish-god Dagon and his favorite Eldritch Pillar™ from the Lovecraft story ‘Dagon’ (no really). Plus the French History of Art lecture-notes doodle that I based it off. It was a long lecture.

DagonHe looks shocked, because although they are not depicted here (due to their description-defying awfulness sending all those who gaze upon them careering into the frenzied abyss, gibbering through untold mental chasms of mad, cyclopean terror, and all that Lovecraftian hoo-hah), all the other Great Old Ones are making fun of his pillar. The sense of humour of unspeakably ancient and terrible universe-destroyers is, as one might guess, particularly mean.


* I know, I know; I deserve to be shot for crimes against the punning community. I don’t even know if one exists, but if they do I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ever mention me to their Lovecraft chapter.


October 10, 2009

The dust has been blown off distant, hazy memories of what it’s like to really look forward to and appreciate weekends…

I’m still flailing around a bit and trying to get a handle on all the forms, paperwork and folders that need to be filled, but I’m gradually getting a firm grip on myself and ‘the PGCE Situation’. I’ve even somehow ended up the Modern Languages representative on the student-staff council, though only god knows how that happened.

At any rate, as someone who enjoys having time to himself, that particular luxury has been a bit lacking recently. Though it is awesome to have a load of stuff going on, I get the feeling that my opinion will start to change a few weeks from now!


As my brain’s currently more burned out than a Croydon wheelie-bin, here’s Philosoraptor with something to ponder over: