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June 8, 2009

Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of visits, for it is a human number…

Its number… is six hundred and sixty-six.


*Thumbs up*

I’ve been feeding the digital metaphor for a month now, and I suppose it means I’ve fully completed my devolution into the subhuman entity known as the ‘blogger’ that I find myself looking at the pageview charts and getting excited when the little lines go higher than the previous day, then stabs of disappointment as they then plummet back down again. Aye, navigating the fickle swells of the Light Blogtastic is a heart-skipping affair. Okay, and just a tiny bit sad.

Anyway, been pretty much normal routine the past couple of days; writing, preparing for the interview, job searching, giving DC artists ideas for their upcoming characters…

Perhaps that last one’s  a bit out of the norm. It came about as a result of recently dipping my toes into the swirling eddy of oddity that is Twitter. One of the people I’m following is artist Dan Luvisi, and he mentioned wanting some kind of flamethrower character in his upcoming sci-fi comic Last Man Standing, so I suggested having a bloke who chainsmokes a special brand of cigarettes that double as said flamethrowers.

‘You’re hired’, he said.

Well, it’s nice to hear those words coming from bloody someone! 😉


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