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October 4, 2009


Issue #2 of the Fifthwind Forum Newsletter has been let loose!


There are a few of my scribblings in there, printed under my forum nickname ‘Mister Bubbles’ (long story), as well as a host of other great articles both fiction and non-fiction for anyone interested in the writing world, or just in reading a few well-told tales.


Oh, and for those curious, the ‘Grimmsgate Incident’ / MedPro thing was an experiment to see how well it would work creating a sort of meta-environment in the blog, with various ties to real-life, to some of the ‘murder mystery’ events on the Forum a while back, and what have you.  I think it’s fairly safe to say it didn’t go all that well, due to an overly subtle build-up and lack of real context, but I quite enjoyed it 😉 So thanks for your patience while I tried that on for size!