Nocturn is probably a ‘dark fantasy novel’, even though the connotations that those three words conjure make my skin skitter. It’s not one of those dark fantasy novels. The manuscript is currently in the first draft editing stage and standing tall in the wind at 110,385 words.

It is the tale of a nameless, vertical city built from stone, surrounded at its base by a forest of horizon-swallowing magnitude. There is something living amongst that gnarled, rustling sea, although anyone would be hard-pressed to say what, past tentative whispers of contorted shadows upon the walls, and quiet scuffles in the night. More definite are the bloodless corpses found the following mornings, skin dotted with tiny puncture marks.

There comes a day, however, when a bitter taste appears upon the wind, and before long the children of stone will discover more about the inhabitants of the forest than they ever dared contemplate, for the trees are more restless than ever and a turmoil approaches on bare feet and pale skin that will bite and claw the once indomitable stone beyond all recognition.

Then, the age of blood will begin…



4 Responses to “NOCTURN”

  1. Liz Says:

    Try not to delete it this time! I can’t wait, it’s all so exciting! And that’s just me, I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling…

  2. Ken K. Says:

    If the book is written even halfway as well as that tease…

    What am I saying? IF?

    You’re gonna be a star, Alex… a friggin’ star!

    And I’ll get to say, “I knew that guy when…”

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      I didn’t actually think that blurb was much cop! I get all tangled up in trying to decide what to say… but, well, I won’t let you down Ken. Even if it takes years, we’ll get there! 😀

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