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Alex stumbles through the looking glass

May 11, 2009

and he’s not a pretty sight. If somebody ever said that staring at a monitor is much preferable to looking into a mirror, they’d be right. Here I am posting a blog though, so guns loaded people; we’re in digital metaphor country!

But what’s yon beastie scuttling through the bushes? Ah hypocrisy, good to see you old chum. I was never hot on the idea of blogging, which always seemed, in my experience, a medium for people with either nothing better to do, a misjudged sense of self-importance, or something to promote, and now that I’m here, well…


Let’s just leave him where he is in the undergrowth, shall we? He looks happy down there. Moving on…

It’s safe to say this page is looking pretty sparse while I figure out all the bits and pieces, but I’ll have a mess around and see what useful stuff I can figure out. After all, I have nothing better to do, an ego to massage and something that needs promoting, right? So I’d hate to let the blogging massive down. ¬_¬