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Godzilla vs. Oculus

October 23, 2009


Woah yeah. The most badass boat ever.

Apparently it’s  classified as a ‘yacht’… but really it looks like something more suitable for taking over the world in than ferrying rich people around tropical hotspots. Sadly it’s not actually been built yet, but it’s the lead design for Schöpfer Yachts LLC ‘s new range of boats, so who knows – it might be sooner rather than later that this Godzilla-esque sea-dwelling beast will be looming over horizons across the globe!


Grarr! Oculus rise from deep! Eat puny humans!


Six Million Dollars, Man

May 23, 2009



This is a visual/audio studio built for home use by music engineer and producer Jeremy Kipnis for a wallet-shaming $6,000,000. Ouch… Though judging by the size of it, he probably found most of that money in change down the back of his monster sofa.

See here for all the eye-popping, ear-blasting details.

Now, if one was ever rich enough to buy one of these aural sex chambers, then one would also need to find somewhere of equal badassery in which to house it, right? Well, yesterday I found:


‘The Power House’: located in the Thousand Islands, New York.

That place is so cool I’m surprised the water around it isn’t frozen solid; it even has underwater passages to another, larger castle a little further along the island coast. Underwater castle passages. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that, and my biggest ambition is to live in a castle type house. One day…

As for this day however, no such grandiose schemes. The website’s edging ever closer to the precipice though, and should be ready for a nudge off into the bottomless chasm of the internet very soon – all that needs doing now is making sure all the links work, and tightening up the text and then it’ll be ready to roll!

Oh, the deadline for the ‘Can you fantasize in ten sentences or less?’ competition was yesterday, so best of luck to everyone who entered – looking forward to reading what people came up with 😀