The dust has been blown off distant, hazy memories of what it’s like to really look forward to and appreciate weekends…

I’m still flailing around a bit and trying to get a handle on all the forms, paperwork and folders that need to be filled, but I’m gradually getting a firm grip on myself and ‘the PGCE Situation’. I’ve even somehow ended up the Modern Languages representative on the student-staff council, though only god knows how that happened.

At any rate, as someone who enjoys having time to himself, that particular luxury has been a bit lacking recently. Though it is awesome to have a load of stuff going on, I get the feeling that my opinion will start to change a few weeks from now!


As my brain’s currently more burned out than a Croydon wheelie-bin, here’s Philosoraptor with something to ponder over:



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3 Responses to “Wiped”

  1. Amber Says:

    Good Question Mr. Philosoraptor. *ponders*

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