“Graphs About Lasagne”

That’s the best of the ‘search terms people have used to find your blog’ so far! The mind boggles. And then reminds me I haven’t had tea yet.

I also just realised tomorrow’s the 15th, when I’m supposed to have finished Hamlet. Not to worry though; deadlines are enemy soldiers sneaking through the undergrowth – and I don’t attack until I can see the whites of their eyes…


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3 Responses to ““Graphs About Lasagne””

  1. Shadow Says:

    Well it is the 15th, have you attacked yet?

  2. Stone Says:

    Sooo, being the 15th. Are you done 😀

  3. Alex Masterson Says:

    The deadlines were wearing sunglasses and had allied with their neighbouring country PGCEDirectedTaskonia! Have had to retreat under threat from superior numbers!

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