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October 10, 2009

The dust has been blown off distant, hazy memories of what it’s like to really look forward to and appreciate weekends…

I’m still flailing around a bit and trying to get a handle on all the forms, paperwork and folders that need to be filled, but I’m gradually getting a firm grip on myself and ‘the PGCE Situation’. I’ve even somehow ended up the Modern Languages representative on the student-staff council, though only god knows how that happened.

At any rate, as someone who enjoys having time to himself, that particular luxury has been a bit lacking recently. Though it is awesome to have a load of stuff going on, I get the feeling that my opinion will start to change a few weeks from now!


As my brain’s currently more burned out than a Croydon wheelie-bin, here’s Philosoraptor with something to ponder over:




September 28, 2009

Paperwork Pixies…  Their cunning knows no bounds.

Today was great though, really enjoyed my first day of the course though it feels strange being back at Uni not as an undergraduate.

Running on 3 hours sleep, so about to crash on my bed. I shall aim for the little bugger down there waving a Subject Knowledge Performance Audit at me.