Metaphoric Digitalisation

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It’s me as a little computer dude! As part of Microsoft’s ‘New Xbox Experience’, similar to the Nintendo Wii and upcoming Playstation ‘Home’, you create a 3D avatar that you use in all your interactions and games etc as a representation of yourself.

So, we live in a time when not only do we create abstract digital ‘presences’ through blogging, posts on forums etc, but actually can create visual manifestations of ourselves that act as a ‘physical’ entity in cyberspace. Amazing really…What does it actually mean to exist in this day and age? (Oo-er, here we go) As a species we have extended ourselves beyond the physical state, and are creating an ever-expanding universe for these alternate representations of ourselves to live in. Where does it end? Brainwave patterns digitalised into electronic consciousness? Transcending biology altogether?

Eventually, I reckon so.

This is such a fantastic time to be alive πŸ˜€ If a genie were to turn up and give me the choice of either living in a land of magic, or staying in the here and now, I think I would prefer to stay here. How about you? Friends and loved ones notwithstanding – say you could take them with you – what would you choose?


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7 Responses to “Metaphoric Digitalisation”

  1. K. Kiser Says:

    Where would I go? Easy…


    I would up and go in a heartbeat. I think I would like to live somewhere near Taldon or maybe near Edgehill (if I was more adventurous…)

    Of course you could check out the map on my site for details about where those places are. πŸ˜‰

  2. amberbiesinger Says:

    I’d go backwards to the 1700s actually. I’d love to live a much simpler life, technology as good as it is can shove it.

  3. Alex Masterson Says:

    Living in a castle back then would be ace, having massive banquets of meat and ale every day and collapsing from blocked arteries at thirty… that does sounds like a pretty good life πŸ˜€

    Always wanted to go to a medieval style banquet; bet it would be amazing fun.

    • K. Kiser Says:

      “…collapsing at thirty…”

      But… but… that’d mean I’d already be dead. Remind me to stay away from your and Amber’s time machine. It doesn’t much like people my age. I’d step inside, hit a few destination buttons and arrive DOA.

    • amberbiesinger Says:

      1700s aren’t exactly medieval times, in any case they were a bit more health conscious then that.

      Don’t worry Ken mine has warning signs.

      • Alex Masterson Says:

        Hmm, true that. History’s not my strong suit, clearly πŸ˜›

        And hey Ken it’d be ace, you’d turn up and be like a wise old oracle that people would revere and go to for advice and stuff.



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