Time Flies Like The Swine Flu Virus

Blimey; has it been that long since the last entry? It’s been a busy week, but a good one, spent with my cousin Indi and aunt Den dodging swine flu, although now I’m back in Leicester for how much longer that will continue I’m not sure, seeing as I live next to a hospital and two universities… Although when you look at the statistics that normal flu actually kills more people a year than swine flu has, it kinda lessens the impact of catching it. Apart from for those who have died from it, of course, who would no doubt tell me to shove those statistics somewhere unpleasant.

Moving on from the viral outbreak of the year, yesterday the Farndale household was merry with all the excitement that comes from getting a new games console; my housemate (the infamous capnscar) got an Xbox 360 and I bought the game Left 4 Dead for it, so the day was spent doing some wholesome zombie shootin’ and completely and utterly failing at the driving challenges in Burnout. Great stuff!

Oh, went to see The Half-Blood Prince this week as well. In a word: brilliant.

In more than a word: while people who haven’t read the book would probably find the plot development choppy and slightly lacking, the cinematography was stunning. I’ve not enjoyed just ‘watching’ a film as much in ages, there’s so much going on in each shot. The humour and heart of the film is fantastic too, warming up a gloomy and foreboding film that the director has clearly structured as a ‘set-up’ for the grand two-film finale of The Deathly Hallows. The removal of a large fight scene at the end suggests that he’s gearing up for a massive one in those films, which is something to look forward to. And to be honest, a battle scene would have been out of place in this film; it’s a lot more of a low-key, character focussed film. Not to say that there aren’t epic and exciting scenes in it, but the overall mood is one of the gloomy calm before a storm

There was also a fair bit in the film that was not in the book at all, which personally I enjoyed. In an adaption from a source that I know very well, it was nice to be surprised and given something new. The whole ‘Half-Blood Prince’ aspect of the story was barely focussed on, which made it a bit strained when a certain ‘announcement’ is made from one of the characters at the end.

Looking forward to seeing it again on Wednesday and catching more of the ace little details going on in the background.



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6 Responses to “Time Flies Like The Swine Flu Virus”

  1. Jaym Gates Says:

    *poke* The lively forum misses you. Go back. Now. I order it.

    And where is my chocolypse?

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      As you decree, so it is done – I’m quite attached to my extremities 😉 I’ll get to the Private Feedback folder properly tomorrow, currently having a nose through Auldwood and jotting down some feedback.

      Meanwhile, The Chocalypse is coming together slowly but surely. Currently slathering layers of thick, melted prose over the fuliginous filling, maybe need another afternoon in the pub with the laptop so I can focus on getting it all straight. In fact yes, yes I do.

      It won’t be long until you get the first draft though…

  2. amberbiesinger Says:

    I can’t believe you liked it!! I cried and almost left the theater. I, I, I’m at a loss. Glad you didn’t catch the swine flu though 😀

  3. Amber Says:

    It would be easier to tell you what I did like about the show. If you want I can PM you with my list of flaws… I made a list!!

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