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Of Mice And M (&M’s)

July 29, 2009

I’ve just read that the blue dye in M&M’s can be used to reduce damage caused in spinal injuries! Well, the amount that I consume, just call me Alex ‘Ironspine’ Masterson… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take the above critter, for example; one of many who were suffering from a spinal injury. After being injected with the compound, which is called ‘Brilliant Blue G’, their ability to walk returned and they could potter about once again with a slight limp the only sign ofย  their previous disability. The side effect being, as you can see, that it turned them blue for a while!

What we can learn from this is that if you ever feel your back going,ย  or suffer a spinal injury, forgo that expensive medical treatment nonsense safe in the knowledge that you can just knock back a bag or two of M&M’s. Problem solved!


Metaphoric Digitalisation

July 21, 2009

Al's Avatar

It’s me as a little computer dude! As part of Microsoft’s ‘New Xbox Experience’, similar to the Nintendo Wii and upcoming Playstation ‘Home’, you create a 3D avatar that you use in all your interactions and games etc as a representation of yourself.

So, we live in a time when not only do we create abstract digital ‘presences’ through blogging, posts on forums etc, but actually can create visual manifestations of ourselves that act as a ‘physical’ entity in cyberspace. Amazing really…What does it actually mean to exist in this day and age? (Oo-er, here we go) As a species we have extended ourselves beyond the physical state, and are creating an ever-expanding universe for these alternate representations of ourselves to live in. Where does it end? Brainwave patterns digitalised into electronic consciousness? Transcending biology altogether?

Eventually, I reckon so.

This is such a fantastic time to be alive ๐Ÿ˜€ If a genie were to turn up and give me the choice of either living in a land of magic, or staying in the here and now, I think I would prefer to stay here. How about you? Friends and loved ones notwithstanding – say you could take them with you – what would you choose?

Communication Breakdance

July 7, 2009

Carvings on rock –> ink on paper –> inked mass printing —> speech down telephone lines –> digital words down telephone lines (the internet) –> digital words via satellite –> …ย  ?

What comes next, or further down the line?

At the moment we have Twitter, blogs and Facebook, and are all, whether we like it or not, tied into the lives of people across the globe in a way that would have been inconceivable to the public even twenty years ago, and it makes me wonder what this suggests about our evolution as a species. How will technology develop to cover this relentless search for better, and more personal, ways to express ourselves?

It would not surprise me at all if in the year 3000, rather than the pop band Busted’s (frankly ridiculous) claims that ‘they live underwater’, humanity has actually become a kind ofย  mass consciousness. It’s not too big a leap from today’s technology to say that a few centuries down the line, we might be literally sharing our thoughts, rather than expressing them. As that becomes more complex, I can see technology enhancing our minds to be able to deal with a constant influx of thoughts. Our mind will become our inbox, our homepage, our twitter account, our global conference call.

That or, by the year 3000, we’ve all got so fed up hearing each other waffle on that we’ve retreated into secluded caves, gradually reverting back into lone hunter/gatherers, stalking the empty landscapes as ancient newspapers flutter past on the wind, their headlines staring unblinkingly into a mournful sky. ‘Twitter – destroyer of mankind’.


What do you think communication will be like in the future?


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Dream Virus

June 30, 2009

Would it be possible to create an illness in a dream that becomes part of your subconscious, then manifests itself as symptoms when you’re awake? Probably not, no, but I was thinking about this idea for a story about a dream virus. Imagine if you woke up having brought a dream-created virus with you; no-one would have any immunities to it, so it would spread and spread, and the only time one might be safe is when the mind is in a dream state. So then, there’s a desperate rush as people are put into comas to keep them safe from this virus, maybe to wait until everyone who has the virus has died off.

You could build a whole fictional technology around it; scientists researching how the virus made the transition from concept to reality, then developing other stuff like using the method the virus uses to spread itself through consciousnesses and adapting it into a way to pass thoughts from one mind to another…

… Argh, it’s way too hot today. Calls for an emergency beer + freezer combo!

Oh, on topic, my dream diary on the path to lucid dreaming is going pretty well. I can accurately remember at least one dream per night now, so the obvious next step is ratcheting it up to at least two!

Mouse Powered Furniture

June 25, 2009

But we’re not talking little critters running round in wheels…

The table above acts as a mouse trap, table, and LCD display in one. Inside it is a microbial fuel cell, and via the mouse-trap hidden in the ‘L’ shaped leg, the table lures in mice, uses sensors to detect and kill the creature and then digests the body to power the trap door and LCD screen.

This little gem is a clock that powers itself by catching household flies, sucking them inside it and using their bodies to power its own fuel cell. According to the inventors, two British chaps, even if the entire human race were to be wiped out, these (and a few other pest-fuelled items of furniture they’ve come up with) will carry on feeding themselves and would, in a way, ‘outlive’ us.


Seriously; give one of those an intelligence and it’s going to look at humans and think “om nom nom, looks like a tasty battery to me“…

In other news:


*scratches chin*

Ah yes; Silvanus, a member of the Fifthwind forum, has been taken prisoner, spirited away while investigating the address in my post a few days ago to some unknown dungeon and hooked up to a horrific device – an IV filled with Dr. Pepper – that is, in turn, connected to a timer counting down from Forty-Eight hours. At the time of posting, we have around twenty hours left to figure out where the hell he is…

Thanks to a shortwave radio left next to him, so far we have been able to glean that he’s strapped to a stone table in the dark, with rats running around the floor and strange, indistinct colours flashing around him occasionally. During the night he thought he saw hallucinations of his family, and, slightly more unnervingly, a phantom of some kind, but these are most likely just delusions brought on by a lack of food.