Nocturn Update


Today, I felt like I wanted to throw all subtlety to the wind and just pile a load of wild, fantastical ideas into Nocturn. That’s what comes from jumping ahead to less linear settings I suppose, as I did last week, writing a whole load from a story that leads on from the events in the Nocturn books. See, while the city and forest are – in my humble opinion of course – very rich environments in themselves, they are, by necessity in plot and theme, inwardly focussed and constricting. The story is about what happens to them – any ‘outside world’ is not explored. Which means that I’m always getting interesting, cool ideas that I can’t use because they don’t fit the setting yet.

While I feel like using them right away, I force myself to write them down in a seperate document, and put them aside. Their years will come!

The Nocturn editing’s still coming along, although it’s taking a lot longer than I thought – underestimated the amount of stuff that needed changing and polishing. The ending is still an incomprehensible mess, and I’m having difficulty decided exactly where to stop the novel; how much snuggling to do after the climax, if you will…

My aim was to have it ready to send to people to read by the beginning of August, and it’s looking less and less likely that it will happen. Not to worry though, it’s all necessary polish!

Also, I knocked up an abstract-y picture of Srin and the city that’s got a few meaningful strokes to it. What kinds of meanings? Well… that would be telling!

Times like this I wish I had a Wacom tablet for digital drawing, all I’ve got is me trusty mouse, which makes for pretty shaky pics. One day, when Nocturn has made me a wealthy man… 😉


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2 Responses to “Nocturn Update”

  1. K. Kiser Says:

    The revision process, can really have it’s ups and downs. (Mostly Ups)

    There will be spots that make no sense, are poorly written, or just don’t fit and you might wonder what the heck you were thinking at the time.

    But the satisfying thing about it all, is that during the revisions you get a good feeling that everything you touch starts to turn to gold. The perspective you have after finishing a complete rough empowers you to KNOW what to do. It’s a good feeling to pick up a section of writing, knowing that there will be all sorts of problems with it, but also knowing that you have the skill and confidence to make it shine.

    “Tis all part of the process.

    Take your time with it and fall in love with that story all over again.

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      I shall 🙂 I think seeing as for a year, Nocturn was pretty much all I worked on writing-wise, now that I’m doing other things too it feels like the enthusiasm has wavered someone, because I’m not solely focussing on one thing.

      You’re right; I won’t rush it, but will try to approach it with the care and deviousness it deserves!

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