Con Artists


My favourite artist Dan Luvisi has officially launched his Last Man Standing project, and has been at Comic-Con promoting. The website for it is wicked, mirroring the project’s retro candy-junkie videogame cool:

Last.Man.Standing Site

And sticking with that same retro-videogame theme for a bit, one of the biggest pleasant surprises from the Con seems to have been TRON 2. A massive viral experience has been getting people excited about the upcoming sequel, and they have an actual lightcycle there. Sweeet. This is the concept art:


And here’s the actual thing:


Pretty cool eh? The footage they’ve released to promote the film is also worth a watch, and you can do so here.

Slightly less interesting, but still worthy of note, is that…


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 starts filming next year, supposedly the first of a new trilogy with a plot that has been scaled right down from the ridiculousness that was the final part of the last one. And Gary Oldman has mentioned that the next Batman film will also begin filming next year, though Nolan hasn’t said that he’ll be directing it again yet, so who knows what could happen there…


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4 Responses to “Con Artists”

  1. amberbiesinger Says:

    I have to say I know nothing about Tron but.. dang that lightcycle is AWESOME!! Serious it beats out the motorcycles on FF7 movie

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      Aye Cloud’s bike is ace too; cool factor spoiled slightly by the fact that it’s Cloud’s, but still… ;D

      The bike chases in Advent Children are awesome, must get round to watching the extended edition of that at some point!

      • amberbiesinger Says:

        You don’t like Cloud? How can you not like CLOUD!!!! I have to say Zedane from 9 is slightly better but but.. its CLOUD!!!

        Incidently he’s the name sake of my cat 😀

  2. Alex Masterson Says:

    Monkeytail dude ftw! That game was awesome.

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