A Sliver of my Scribblings So Far…

The arias of archangels arc through the air as I am “assisted” into the amphitheatre. Their anticipation appals me, my arrival announced with apish amusement, ablaze in affected affluence. Alongside the angelic anthems, their applause is an absolute aural agony.

Abominations, all.

Behold – the buzzing breaks, albeit briefly, into a breathless babble as a bolt of brightness bursts into being, far above. It bears downwards, becoming bigger and bolder in the blazing sky and I blanch, barely believing that the bastard would bridge the barrens of Babel to be beholden to my embarrassment… but lo – in a beat – he is before me, and he burns with bitterness and bile.

My betrayal is brought to light, and with a bellow that blasts me backwards, he broadcasts that I am to be beaten, until both body and brain are broken. This is, unbelievably, better than the barbarity I would brook from the brutes on the balconies above, so I bow. I will bear the first blow. But before it begins, he bends down beside me.

Baptism by blood, he breathes.

–   CRACK  –

I crumple. On cue, a cacophonous crowing cascades into the courtyard and the collisions continue, coming without cease as carefully, quietly, my consciousness creeps away, consumed by cavernous… crawling…



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7 Responses to “A Sliver of my Scribblings So Far…”

  1. Ken Kiser Says:

    Absolutely Brilliant Construct… Dude!!! 😛

  2. Ken Kiser Says:

    I bow to the master.

  3. amberbiesinger Says:

    *Blinks* stares *Blinks again* I know all those words. And yet, they are all new and different! *goes to read again*

    Absolutely astounding Alex!! (totally not on purpose 😉 I’m very impressed, though it’s par for the course. Keep up the good work.

  4. Alex Masterson Says:

    I’m glad to be able to give a new perspective, hehe, thanks 😀 and I’ll see what I can do. Six letters to go now, and I’m hoping to get the first draft finished tonight, so fancy having a look at it when it’s done?

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