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Pavement Pavarotti

August 22, 2009

Taking me ages to get to sleep tonight.

And seeing as I’ve been awake, I’ve been treated to the sounds of someone crashing and stumbling about the cul-de-sac outside. Alas – one of the downsides of living near two universities – the guy must have been fresh from the Zanzibar club or Student Union bar, as much to my dismay, for the last hour or so he’s also been trying to sing. At least, I think that’s the overall effect he was aiming for, but sadly for him and my sleepless self, his peace-shattering ditty only managed one note. Over and over again, drawn out tunelessly… some trance choon, no doubt. Even ‘Summer of 69’ or that Baywatch song would have been preferable to the monotonous droning. Anyway, thankfully it has tailed off now, around 3.20 am, so let’s see if I can get some shuteye!