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August 22, 2009

Thi (Liv) has been singing in York Minster Cathedral today, back in my home city… very, very cool. It’s crazy how the last time I knew her she was organising and performing in college shows, and now she’s touring round Europe singing in places like Notre Dame. But then, what else would you expect from such a spectacularly amazing person?


(Oh I know, I’ve fallen head over heels and then some… here’s hoping I can be spectacular enough for her. But enough with the ‘proper’ blogging! What is this, romance confessionals? I do apologise 😉 )

Venturing out this morning, the house across the cul-de-sac’s front door looks a tad worse-for-wear, and someone (more than likely yesterday’s impromptu karaoke star) must’ve forgotten their keys, as the downstairs bathroom window-pane looks as if someone tried to force it open.

Hmm, or maybe there are burglars in the area, which is a worrying thought. There were a load of police officers around a few weeks back asking if I’d seen suspicious types hanging around, as someone had smashed number six’s kitchen window in and tried to fumble around for whatever they could reach. Fortunately, whoever it was must have been disturbed as nothing was actually taken.

Thinking back, I have to say I was impressed by such a large police turnout for a mere broken window, though we did get a leaflet through the door not long afterwards about the force wanting an ‘increased community presence’ and all that. The lower Grimmsgate area is no longer the quiet, peaceful place it was when I first arrived here four years ago, that’s for sure…