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Crunchy Spring Tolls

May 12, 2009


I’m addicted to M&M’s – the ones with ‘crisp rice centres’ to be exact. And it’s got to that mildly embarrasing stage where the guy at the local post office/grocery/IT specialist/phone unlocker/internet cafe knows it.

‘”Ahh my friend, you like the blue packets right?”

Yeah. Yeah I like the blue packets.

Anyway, I’ve eaten too many of the buggers this afternoon, and am now feeling very urrrrrrrrrrgh. That’s what I get for firstly: being tempted into trying for the ‘collect eight packet tops for free cinema tickets’ deal, and secondly: carrying on even when the date for the offer has past, I suppose!

Also, just had an utterly, blindingly obvious thought about Nocturne, my novel-in-progress. It’s set a vertical city… so why the hell did I not think of giving one of the characters vertigo? That’s a whole sub-plot/character development thing waiting to happen! Poor show. The vampires are all kinda twitchy about heights (Oh yes, there are vampires. But proper vampires, who kill and drink and scheme, as any self-respecting mankiller should. Anyway, I digress.) but actually giving one of the main characters a close, personal fear of heights to deal with has opened up a lot of possibilities in my mind. Got to tread carefully though; adding a character trait in at this stage is going to have to be done with care and precision to make sure it doesn’t look like it’s been stitched in. Maybe one of the secondary characters should get it…

Editing’s going very well on the whole though – I’m fifty pages away from finishing my first run through of the manuscript. Next stop will be filling in some of the awkward blanks between scenes.

In other news; I updated the ‘About’ section!