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There Is My Mind

June 2, 2009


One of the things with recording my dreams on a daily basis is that I’m reminded every morning how messed up our heads are when they’re idling. How do we pull together such random scenarios?

The night before last I dreamt I was a black Trance and Hip Hop DJ who lived in a decadant mansion full of people, with a mobile phone that had a case made of plywood with the nails on one side coming loose… There was a massive poster on one of the walls for the movie ‘Predator’, and the top half of it, where you would usually see review quotes from critics and what have you was blank, save for one word: ‘NO*’ and then in the bottom corner a tiny strip of text that said ‘*Real films don’t need quotations’. Hmm.

I’ve been writing a load of The Director’s Vamp recently, having a massive inspiration dump (which, as we all know, is always satisfying!) with that piece that means I just keep wanting to go back to it. Got too many other things to work on as well though; need to focus. Also, most of my time’s spent preparing for the PGCE interview at the mo so I should set out writing subjects in advance really… Tommorrow will be a Nocturn day, then!