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Advanced Banks & Battles

August 19, 2009

Greetings from my usual blogging station back in Leicester! It’s great to be back at Farndale central, though the last couple of days have been pretty action-packed, fighting off the ambush party of letters, bills and PGCE forms that were awaiting me as soon as I stepped through the front door.

The most tricksy of these battles was getting my bank overdraft upgraded back to a student account.

‘Okay’, you’d shrug, ‘doesn’t sound too bad.’

Well, I was told that the decision of whether or not my account would be changed back was at the discretion of the Graduate Account manager, and that I’d “have to go to her, and persuade her to have any hope of getting one”…

I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of thing I’d expect to hear from an RPG character, not a high street bank! I’ll go and rescue little Timmy from the Goblins, and then you promise you’ll give me the Hallowed Ring of Paintstripping? Okay, deal.

Anyway, stronger and more terrible forces than Natwest bank have crumbled before my honed battle tactic of crazed grinning and waving around pieces of paper, so after half an hour or so (and a tactical retreat back home to pick up a necessary quest item [proof of term dates]), I’d selected the right conversation options and levelled up my bank account, emerging victorious, and a little bit wealthier, into the afternoon sunshine.

In unrelated news, really excited about how the Fifthwind Newsletter’s coming along over at the forums. The header graphic I came up with fits nicely, and there’s a goldmine of great articles just waiting to be slammed in there. As I said to Ken the other day, I’m useless at actually writing about writing, as my thought process usually boils down to ‘Err, just y’know, write it,’ so it’s great to see people articulating great advice, and finding novel (hoho!) ways to do it. It’s stirred the hive into activity a bit too, which is always good.

On a final note, I found out yesterday that the nice chap at the local shop, who sells the ‘Ashoka’ Indian ready meals that have been my staple lunchtime / breakfast meal for years,  has been absolutely ripping me off! They’re a mere 56 pence at Tesco, you bastard!