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Meat and (Re)Source

July 14, 2009

Barbeque ribs… are amazing. Thank the gods for meat, and for bestowing upon us the wisdom of sauce.

So, today was a pretty enjoyable day getting to roll about like a happy puppy around the school’s modern languages resource department pretending I was someone important, and as a side effect it was also extremely useful. How’s about that?!


Meanwhile, In The Real World…

July 13, 2009

In the midst of all my stupid ideas and rambling, I’d forgotten to mention I’d found a school to do my three days’ French class observation. Well, happily I did, and today I had my first day at the Manor School in York!

‘Observation’ is a bit of a misleading term though, as from the moment the classes started I was giving presentations about myself in French, answering questions, helping with activitites etc,  so it was a lot of fun. Being on the other side of the education fence is fascinating, though being referred to as ‘sir’ is strange. Very strange.

Tomorrow I also get a free reign with all the  Modern Languages department’s resources and intranet, and while you probably aren’t jumping out of your seat in excitement at the sound of that, for a languages person it’s pretty cool 😉

On the writing front, the other day I sat down and wrote a thousand words of a novel that comes three books further down the line from the series that Nocturn will be a part of. It felt like a glimpse of ‘what is yet to come’, and it was a stirring kind of feeling knowing that there’s still so much to be unwravelled!

Also went to see the film Brüno earlier this evening. There are definitely certain… images… I wish I could scrub from my mind, but it kept the laughs coming. His line to an Al-Qaeda chief that Bin Laden should shave his beard because ‘he looks like a dirty wizard’ was cracking. Borat was a better character, and I wouldn’t ever watch this a second time, but it was worth one viewing.

Set Blog Headlines to Predictable!

May 21, 2009


While the old idioms and adages remain, Star Trek was seriously cool. And very lens-flarey, which is fine; it reminded me of Mass Effect’s visual style – no bad thing. I won’t review it, but suffice it to say that it was one of the most fun sci-fi films I’ve seen in a while.

Had some great news today; I’ve been waiting to hear back from Leicester University about my application to do a French PGCE teaching course, and this afternoon I got a letter telling me I’ve made it to the interview stage… Now these things usually come back to bite me on the arse, so I’m not getting my hopes up, but it’s a good start. The interview day’s on the 11th of June, so got a bit of time to get myself back into French mode – it’s been a year since I’ve *really* focussed on the language, so better start greasing the old cogs with garlic butter and wine…

Got a load of documents that they sent me to read about why nobody’s bothered with taking Modern Languages any more that’re filled with charts and graphs ranging from the useful and interesting, to…


To be fair, my decision to study languages was greatly influenced by free lasagne and chips.

So does the future begin here? We’ll see.