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June 29, 2009

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Three cheers for iRepo! A badass little program that managed to retrieve most of my lost playlists from the iPod! Great stuff. After the last few weeks of half-heartedly scrolling through my vast iTunes dungeon, the infrastructure is back in place and it feels like all is right again 😀

Earlier today I told someone that I didn’t think their writing is very good and that they shouldn’t write their novel yet; rather their time would be better spent working on the basics of structure, grammar, spelling etc. and being able to construct consistently ‘accurate’ pieces of writing. Then when they do go in for writing a novel, they will be much better prepared, and the result would be a lot better than if they were to write it now.

Is it wrong to piss on a person’s creations like that? It was on a writers’ forum, but I still felt like a bit of a bastard. The guy didn’t take it to heart though – just ignored my comments and carried on, so at least it didn’t break his soul or anything ¬_¬

I just find it hard to be subtle about stuff like that – if someone’s writing isn’t great, I think it’s much better to try and persuade them to take a step back and work on the basics so that in the long run their talents will develop further, rather than encouraging them to go ahead and write a sub-standard work when so much of the groundwork is still behind them. But, I suppose, we all want to rush on and hit the big stuff. I mean hell, I’m not even published myself, so who am I to judge, but I have to admit the chap hadn’t endeared himself to me either. He just waltzed onto the forum and started a WIP thread for his novel, then snubbed offers of help with a structured novel-writing plan by rudely brushing them off and belittling the offerer.

Part of me just wanted to bring him down to size, ungrateful bugger. Or maybe someone needs to do that to me…