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The Big Balls-Up

October 6, 2009

What if the origin of our universe was actually just an experiment gone wrong? Thinking from an omniversal perspective for a second (because as we all know, a little omniversal perspective every now and then is never a bad thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and the insignificance that one mere universe would represent on that scale, it doesn’t seem all that unlikely to me that our universe could have been kicked off in an explosion caused by, say, a Universal Causality lesson in some pan-dimensional university… right?

“Hey, what happens if we throw all this stuff together, Garglar?”

“Nothin’, space-buddy. It’ll just fizzle out like usua-”


“Great comet-gargling nebulae, Garglar! If Professor Ziltoid sees that mess he’ll go zarquats – hide it out in that pocket of the omniverse, quick!”

And so begins our universe…


Hmm, and seeing as my mind’s on idiotic overload tonight, how’s about this: I was just thinking about whether over the centuries, as humanity’s minds develop and our brainwave activity increases, the more active a ‘ghost’ – or ‘imprint’ of that brain activity – might be left upon the earth when they die. People often say that ghosts appear in places where people have died under traumatic circumstances – is it possible that this is because their brain was more active as they passed away than those who slip away in their sleep, or under a hospital/drug induced soporific state?

What if, in the future, mankind’s brain activity increases to a point where, when we die, the imprint left is so potent that an ephereal replication of our conscious brain patterns is left? Essentially a non-corporeal representation of everything that our mind was, without the physical influences of hormones and impulses, and without any actual conscious thought? That’s a scary, but nonetheless curious concept…


Communication Breakdance

July 7, 2009

Carvings on rock –> ink on paper –> inked mass printing —> speech down telephone lines –> digital words down telephone lines (the internet) –> digital words via satellite –> …ย  ?

What comes next, or further down the line?

At the moment we have Twitter, blogs and Facebook, and are all, whether we like it or not, tied into the lives of people across the globe in a way that would have been inconceivable to the public even twenty years ago, and it makes me wonder what this suggests about our evolution as a species. How will technology develop to cover this relentless search for better, and more personal, ways to express ourselves?

It would not surprise me at all if in the year 3000, rather than the pop band Busted’s (frankly ridiculous) claims that ‘they live underwater’, humanity has actually become a kind ofย  mass consciousness. It’s not too big a leap from today’s technology to say that a few centuries down the line, we might be literally sharing our thoughts, rather than expressing them. As that becomes more complex, I can see technology enhancing our minds to be able to deal with a constant influx of thoughts. Our mind will become our inbox, our homepage, our twitter account, our global conference call.

That or, by the year 3000, we’ve all got so fed up hearing each other waffle on that we’ve retreated into secluded caves, gradually reverting back into lone hunter/gatherers, stalking the empty landscapes as ancient newspapers flutter past on the wind, their headlines staring unblinkingly into a mournful sky. ‘Twitter – destroyer of mankind’.


What do you think communication will be like in the future?


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