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Hatstanding Work…

November 16, 2009

Further to my ‘The Hidden’ entry last week (as there’s reality in there between the gung-ho dramaticisms đŸ˜‰ ), I’m making this place a tad less… personally identifiable and purging away the pictures of myself. So they don’t know I’m here…

Heh, sounds like the beginning of a contemporary Lovecraft story, but to-


Gah!! Admirable enthusiasm, Mr. Cthulhu, but it’s still not your time. The stars are all unaligned and messy and the end of days is a long way off, so back to bed with you. Go on, off you go…

As I’ve said before, they’re like over-zealous puppies, those Great Old Ones. Anyway, I do actually have a semi-finished modern-day Lovecraft-style story hanging about somewhere. However, as you’ll have noticed from my not crowing from the rooftops and dancing merrily in text form, every single one of my writing deadlines has slunk ashamedly past me and are now long gone; on their way, I hope, to fresher pastures than these. The state of my WIPs is pitifully mirrored by the state of our house’s single plant, which is now nothing but three dried claws sticking out of a pot.

‘This is a hardy plant’, the description sticker boldly claimed…

I am now using it as a hat stand.


The Unfinisher

September 30, 2009

I have no trouble writing. No problem at all.

It’s in finishing pieces that the difficulty lies, waiting for me to stroll innocently past its dark little hole. I’ve had Hamlet… In Purgatory lingering ironically in limbo since before I started this blog, The Chocalypse is not so much approaching with thundering strides as pottering along hiding behind its mummy’s legs, and I’ve not worked on Nocturn editing  for weeks.

I’ve started and finished a load of little short pieces, but they count for naught until I have enough to do something with them. So, in the interest  of kicking my arse into touch a bit, here’s my plan:

1. Hamlet… In Purgatory – Deadline: 15th October

2. The Chocalypse – Deadline: 1st November

3. Nocturn – Deadline: 15th December

If I can sneak The Director’s Vamp in there somewhere too, that’d be a bonus, but I think that’s going to have to be one for the new year.