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Ain’t Doin’ Squat

July 3, 2009

Been trying to find a summer job and three day secondary school observation spot before the end of term. No luck on either, yet.

Also, I am currently a squatter.

The lease for this house ran out at the end of June, yet no-one has contacted me or my housemate regarding a renewal of contract. I spoke to the lettings company about it a couple of  weeks ago, and they said they’d draw up a new contract for us, but haven’t heard a squeak from ’em since! The property has recently changed hands from one lettings company to another, so I wonder if they’ve forgotten about us. When we first started renting the place four years ago, we got it for an amazingly cheap rent, because the landlord owns so many houses he had forgotten he owned this one!

Anyway, so aye, I am currently a legal squatter in this property! Good times…