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Fumbling about for the Blog Roll

May 12, 2009

Finding out that Walt Disney didn’t actually get himself cryogenically frozen is kind of like being told that Santa Claus isn’t real. Apparently good, wholesome family entertainment isn’t a dish best served cold after all…

And yeah, currently trying to get to grips with the blog roll feature in my attempts to figure out some more parts of the site. No success yet, but at least I’ve got me a nice pretentious title and colourful header, so things are beginning to slot into place!

Now I’m going to finish off my entry for Dark Fantasy’s ‘Can you fantasize in ten sentences or less?’ competition. Find a picture, and come up with a concise story to go with it. Or rather, come up with one better than a certain Mr Kiser’s, as I’ve read it and it’s bloody good.

To the wordcave!

(Now I understand why Bruce Wayne didn’t dedicate his free time and fortune towards becoming The Dark Author. Wordcave just… doesn’t have a good ring to it.)