Sofas safely and successfully sequestered in storage, my stay in Leicester has ceased, and the city sinks slowly beneath the skyline as I set sail (so to speak) to sunny York…

A quick update on what I’m doing with my writing at the moment, in the spare time that I’ve got –  my immediate aim is to finish off the three short stories that I have kicking around in various stages of completion:

Hamlet… In Purgatory – Is the closest to completion. Now on its third draft, I want to add a bit more narrative and tune up the characters a little, and then it’ll be done.

Chocalypse – Next up; the sugar-coated destruction of mankind. What I have at the moment is a bunch of scenes running from the beginning to the end of the story which need tying together. I also need to write a few paragraphs to give the feel that the world really is coming to a sticky end.

The Director’s Vampire – My third story, first of all, probably needs a better title. It has three chapters written and finished, and I want to find a way to wrap the story up over another three chapters or so.

When these are out of the way, the path to Nocturn will be clear and I’ll throw myself into the city of blood and stone once again, going through editing and rewrites, and tying things together more thoroughly in the story. I honestly can’t wait. It’s been too, too long.


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5 Responses to “So…”

  1. Ken Kiser Says:

    Maybe you could combine them to get a longer piece. Ah…. “A Chocolate Vampire in Purgatory” has a nice ring to it.

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      It does, but I think a chocolate vampire in Purgatory would make for a terribly short story indeed!

      The Chocolate Vampire woke up in Purgatory, to the sound of a voice.

      “Yum,” was what the voice said.

      And then he was eaten. The End.

  2. Amber Says:

    Ah, the Chocalypse. I forgot you were the one writing that, for some reason Morns name sticks out..

    What I do remember is your entry to the newsletter. I’m still creeped out, thank you very much.

    Good luck on the writing/editing!

    • Alex Masterson Says:


      Well, it came about when Morn and I were blathering about something or other, then I made a comment about the four horsemen of the Chocalypse. She said I should write something about that, so I did… and that was pretty much that!

      And you’re very welcome about the creeping out. Honestly, any time 😉 Just be glad you didn’t read the story I wrote for Morn’s Rigor Amortis anthology, seriously…

      • Amber Says:

        Oh, the Zombie lov’in tales? I’m morbidly curious, I must admit. But I think I will pass on yours. You are a little too good for my delicate tastes…

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