Blogging on the Razor’s Edge

Internetless (adjective; describing a lack of access to internet) ~ A state of being which first manifested in the late 20th Century, regular web users suffering from this condition may experience restlessness, erratic twitching of the index finger, fresh air, human contact, and other similarly confusing and unfamiliar symptoms .

I am, for the next couple of weeks, a victim of this unspeakable curse. The last entry was posted with two security guards looming over me, because I was stealing internet from the University library after it had closed. My life gets more extreme with each passing day, truly.

Now, with it being the end of the academic year, I have to hand my university card back in which means no library access at all (excuse me while I fetch a damp towel) so… for the next few days, I hope to get my internet fix by masquerading as a Modern Foreign Languages student, sneaking into my old Uni department building, and hoping that locks haven’t been put on the computer room doors during the last two years. These are dark times indeed 😉

Something to think on while I go about tracking down a reliable internet source – do geese see god?

Signing off,

Your friendly neighbourhood internet thief


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4 Responses to “Blogging on the Razor’s Edge”

  1. Amber Says:

    What has become of you!! Late nights out, kissing strangers, stealing the internet!!

    I don’t even know you anymore. *sob*

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      Okay, I guess it’s time to reveal the terrible truth – I don’t have much time so I must be brief. Remember the army of highly trained monkeys I had writing that entry a few months back?

      Since then, they won’t let me write on the blog. I’m allowed five minutes a day to reply to comments, and then they stick me in my cage while they go back to crafting the next post.

      Here they come. Help me 😦

  2. Amber Says:

    Not the Monkeys again! What did we say about using highly trained life forms to do your work? I suppose that does explain a few things though.

    Well we can’t let them tranish your reputation for good. I’ll figure something out. Hang tight!

    Soo..I’m gunna go grab a burger, want anything?

  3. Alex Masterson Says:

    I’ll go for the £2.99 Concealed Metal File meal deal, please!

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