The waltz continues…

I’m breaking step just for a moment to say that tomorrow the anticipation is over, and I’m finally going to see AVATAR (in full Imax splendour no less; bring it 😀 )! Then on Saturday it’s off to Thailand with me for two weeks, so all in all December’s going to have been a Scrooge of a month in blogging terms. There is one particular event that deserves a good entry dedicated to it, but that’ll have to linger in the dungeons for a bit longer…

I might be able to catch some digital surf out in Thailand, but if not; Happy Holidays dudes and dudettes. Take care, be safe, and be glad that Jack Bauer is protecting us from Christmas.


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One Response to “Humbug!”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Hey are you okay?

    We have not seen you in a while.

    Just drop a line okay?

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