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The Hidden

November 4, 2009

They keep warning us.

They tell us about the dangers of our new responsibilities, that people are always listening. Always. And they are watching, with piercing eyes. If we say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, it could end us. Just like that. The power of language…

Ironic really.

But the dangers don’t stop there. You see, once they know who we are, they try and find us. There’s nothing to stop them, and no way we could even try. In this modern age, our presence runs deep; traces of ourselves are scattered across digital streets. So what happens when they find it? The boundary is broken, and cannot be resealed. We would be compromised, our authority undermined, and so we are forced to withdraw, to disguise and to conceal.

We hide before the eyes of many, or else we are powerless.