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Avatar Again

September 3, 2009


I saw the Avatar teaser-trailer yesterday. Couldn’t help it! It was shown before Final Destination 3D, and while I closed my eyes for some of it (not wanting to spoil the film for myself) the sounds drew my eyelids back open and I resigned myself to staring, rapt, at the events unfolding on-screen. There was so much going on it was incredible, and the 3D was utterly involving; there was a bit where an avatar is sitting on a lab table, wiggling its toes, and just the whole thing looked amazing… ahhh I can’t wait ’til January, when I’ll finally get to see it (due to going to Thailand over Christmas). Final Destination 3D was decent enough fun, but what I saw of the Avatar trailer was probably better than the entire feature film…


September 3, 2009


The first edition is HERE!

A collaborative effort between the members of the Fifthwind writers’ forum; it’s the first issue so we’re finding our feet a bit but it’s a really impressive collection of articles, stories, and writerly bits ‘n bobs. If you’re at all interested in writing, take a look and hopefully you’ll find something that catches your fancy!