Paperwork Pixies…  Their cunning knows no bounds.

Today was great though, really enjoyed my first day of the course though it feels strange being back at Uni not as an undergraduate.

Running on 3 hours sleep, so about to crash on my bed. I shall aim for the little bugger down there waving a Subject Knowledge Performance Audit at me.


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5 Responses to “PGCE”

  1. amberbiesinger Says:

    I’m in agreement with the Pixies. Try saying “I don’t believe in fairys” A couple times. Hasn’t worked for me yet, but you never know, and it’s still worth the effort.

    BTW you’re gunna have to tell me when you’re talking about real life and not Zombie life.. because, you’ve greatly confused me.

    Which is actually a testament to you’re great writing skills. Damn you…

  2. Alex Masterson Says:

    Hehe, the Grimmsgate Incident is over… experiment complete. I was just expanding my autofiction/blogging horizons a little to see how it went!

    Aaand oh alright yes, to see whether I could string anyone along the way a bit too!

    Normality starts here.

    (Not likely 😉 )

  3. amberbiesinger Says:

    Oh hush you, do you want me to comment or not? Besides, you know what.

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