Hard to cordinate, and Im’ feeling so hungry. Ive eaten everything  in thehouse but it hasnt made me feel any better. Hunger remains.

Shtt. I can hear banging on the barricadae I put up at  the bottm of the stairs… . Goig to have to think of something. ONly one more and then theyll be aknock knock kncoking on my brainbox

Just to brighttn up  my morning, realised cuts on hand were     infected too;’ woke up and couldntt’ move my fingers- the arm w as dead up to my shouldere. Got shivers thinking aabout it, or that might just be


Anhway i cut the buggerr offfSeemed like the sinsble thing to dol ::didn’t want infecton to sprrread, but hels bells it hurts and doesn'[t look like it workedd Dosn’tfeel like it eether, and still hunnngnrty

n othing lieftto eat cept the arm. Hehhh/

4looks. . tasttyhujkl;’#





One Response to “ENd”

  1. Amber Says:

    NO!!! Don’t give up! Fight, Fight! BUBBLES!!

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