They Are Walking

The day before yesterday, they tore my neighbour apart.

Can’t type much, need to be on my guard – there’s a group of them outside in the street. I haven’t had any lights on for the past three days, and in the evening gloom, the glow of the monitor is a spotlight. Sound is also an issue; not dared turn on the taps since it started either, and never mind flushing the toilet. Their incessant moans are loud, and they might not notice… but it’s not worth finding out.

It happened so suddenly. I was in the city centre when things really kicked off, and one minute everything was quiet, the next there were so many. Everywhere. They weren’t even moving quickly; they were just there. The streets were carnage within minutes.

It took me an hour to get back from the centre of town, and I only even made it this far with the help of – bizarrely – the local shop keeper who sells me overpriced Indian readymeals.

Sold, I suppose.

I ran into him in the panic, and he pointed out a back-street, blocked by a crashed ambulance, that lead back in the direction of Grimmsgate, and for a good ten minutes of winding through back gardens we were mercifully free of the chaos that the screams echoing around us were reporting.

I didn’t see the woman fall from the balcony, until it was too late. There was a gutteral noise, a rush of of foul-smelling air, and a sack of skin and teeth was upon the shop keeper (I don’t even know what his name was…) before I could react. Within seconds there was blood everywhere, and he was yelling at me to run. So I ran, and ran, until I found myself slamming against the reassuring solidity of my front door.

So here I am. Three days later. My housemate hasn’t turned up, so I can only assume he… no, got to stay positive. Hopefully he found somewhere to hole up. The University maybe.

For anyone reading this : Hell has come to Grimmsgate. Stay away from Leicester, I think it’s too late for us. I only hope this isn’t happening anywhere else.

This morning, I watched my neighbour’s ragged torso dragging itself down the street.



One Response to “They Are Walking”

  1. amberbiesinger Says:

    Yup, time to move.

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