Seven Days, Seven Nights, Seven Deadly Sins…

It’s been a busy week.

I was in York for a few days as my parents were over from Chicago, and had a fantastic time. Upon returning to Farndale Close, however, things seem only to have gotten worse since I was away. Vandalism’s becoming almost commonplace; I wake up to find windows are smashed constantly, and there was blood on our front gate this morning. I don’t know if it’s domestic violence spilling out onto the streets, student fights getting out of hand or what; I just see the occasional ragged-looking individual staggering along, bashing on the windows of parked cars, that sort of thing. I stay well away.

This evening, after days of ringing doorbells to no avail, I finally caught a neighbour hurrying back into their house. White as a  frightened sheet, he just said that ‘people are crazy’. I asked him what he meant, but at that moment there was a crashing sound from inside his house, and he pushed me away. Before I could say or do anything, he had withdrawn from the porch and slammed the door shut. Of course, I knocked to see if everything was okay, but there was no reply… At any rate, the crashing sounds stopped soon after, and a few moments later I retreated back into my own house, and have not gone back round since.

Cowardly? Perhaps. But you don’t know what it’s like here. I feel afraid to expose my back to the open street, and I don’t know why. A leaflet came through the door this morning from, I presume, the local church, sporting the cheery message – GOD IS JUDGING US ALL.  DO YOU KNOW YOUR SINS?

Well, me and my sins all get along famously, thankyou. Here’s a round up of this week’s:

Gluttony – The few days up in York with the ‘rents was one of food, booze, food and more booze. Loved it.

Greed – Even though I have a perfectly good, newly bought phone, I want an iPhone. I have a 24″ monitor, but I want an HD television, even though I barely watch any telly. The list goes on…

Envy – Oh yeah, I’m full of that stuff. Who isn’t? I wish I had as much money as him, I deserve it more, etc. etc.

Pride – I don’t really see why this is a deadly sin. Pride in excess, I suppose it means. Well, I’m probably overly proud of my writing, but I think it deserves it. Oh… yep… there we go!

Sloth – But I don’t write as often as I should at the moment.

Lust – Seeing Thi tomorrow for the first time in two weeks. Missed her a lot. Can be forgiven a bit of Lust, methinks.

Wrath – My least-used sin. But I’m pissed off at the council, for ‘forgetting’ about my claims trying to retrieve the £900 that they paid into someone else’s bank account. Useless!

Anyway, enough about me; how about you? Are there any secret sins sizzling silently in your soul?


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