Freshers’ Weakness

My birthday was brilliant 😀 Spent a wonderful couple of days with Thi, generally chilled out…

samsung_s5600_white…and got myself some new technology! The phone’s like a budget i-Phone equivalent really, but still a huge step up from my old one, and I’m a sucker for useless features that I can mess around with for a week and then never use again, which it has plenty of, so I’m happy 😉

On the downside, the scratches on my hand still haven’t healed properly, and the itching has progressed to a deep throbbing. Thankfully, if I concentrate I can mentally push it down to a place where I can ignore it, but it gets worse and harder to ignore whenever I go outside. Amber asked what the deal was with the police over on the DM campus last week, and I wish I knew, but no-one seems to have a clue except for the police themselves who just tell me, with expressionless stares, to go home whenever I ask them what’s been going on. Very dull.

See, it’s supposed to be ‘Fresher’s Week’ at the moment, when all the new students are starting uni, but it seems to be an unnervingly low-key event this year. All the bars are closing around nine every night, the few people who are milling around the streets are keeping their eyes down, walking fast and not stopping to talk, and  I’ve noticed a lot of flower bouquets scattered around campus, which is unusual to say the least – with DeMontfort it’s usually litter and empty beer-bottles!

Something’s definitely amiss…


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2 Responses to “Freshers’ Weakness”

  1. amberbiesinger Says:

    What no gossip? No assumptions? No scandels? Geez, major social disturbance fail.

    What I think you should do is get on to the roof of your house, and toss eggs at people. And then run like hell or hide, you’re preference totally on escape possibilities.

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