Of Mice And M (&M’s)

I’ve just read that the blue dye in M&M’s can be used to reduce damage caused in spinal injuries! Well, the amount that I consume, just call me Alex ‘Ironspine’ Masterson… 😉

Take the above critter, for example; one of many who were suffering from a spinal injury. After being injected with the compound, which is called ‘Brilliant Blue G’, their ability to walk returned and they could potter about once again with a slight limp the only sign of  their previous disability. The side effect being, as you can see, that it turned them blue for a while!

What we can learn from this is that if you ever feel your back going,  or suffer a spinal injury, forgo that expensive medical treatment nonsense safe in the knowledge that you can just knock back a bag or two of M&M’s. Problem solved!


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4 Responses to “Of Mice And M (&M’s)”

  1. amberbiesinger Says:

    I have to say I like the mouse blue. So Alex feeling blue yourself at all? Hee

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      Hah! Well, I wasn’t going to say anything but… the picture on the Avatar post? That was actually part of a self-portrait photo – I haven’t dared step foot outside in days, but my back feels great!

      • amberbiesinger Says:

        You know I was wondering about that! lol Good to know you’re doing well.

  2. Alex Masterson Says:


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