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The Greatest And Best Jeans In The World… Tribute

June 30, 2009

Just been reminiscing about this amazing pair of jeans I used to own. Ahh, the times we’d have, those jeans and I – they travelled all over the world, and I’d had them for years. By their prime they had amassed an amazing ventilation system of holes and tears which made them perfect for wearing during the kind of insanely humid hot weather we’re having here at the moment, at the (to me, perfectly acceptable) cost of being ragged and tramp-like, so my wearing them was generally much to the horror of all my female family members. Which, I suspect, was eventually their downfall…

Hang on, I’ll see if I can find a picture of the Best Jeans In The World…

Hmm, only one I can find doesn’t really do them justice, and contains gratuitous nudity, so you have been warned!

Cookin in Lyon

Sadly, at some point during the chaos when my parents were moving over to Chicago, they vanished, never to be seen again. The end of a tattered era. I still suspect conspiracy of the highest order 😉


Dream Virus

June 30, 2009

Would it be possible to create an illness in a dream that becomes part of your subconscious, then manifests itself as symptoms when you’re awake? Probably not, no, but I was thinking about this idea for a story about a dream virus. Imagine if you woke up having brought a dream-created virus with you; no-one would have any immunities to it, so it would spread and spread, and the only time one might be safe is when the mind is in a dream state. So then, there’s a desperate rush as people are put into comas to keep them safe from this virus, maybe to wait until everyone who has the virus has died off.

You could build a whole fictional technology around it; scientists researching how the virus made the transition from concept to reality, then developing other stuff like using the method the virus uses to spread itself through consciousnesses and adapting it into a way to pass thoughts from one mind to another…

… Argh, it’s way too hot today. Calls for an emergency beer + freezer combo!

Oh, on topic, my dream diary on the path to lucid dreaming is going pretty well. I can accurately remember at least one dream per night now, so the obvious next step is ratcheting it up to at least two!