Sea, Screens And Screams


If ever I needed convincing that High-Definition was worth something, the series South Pacific provides that assurance. A nature documentary filmed exclusively in HD with cameras capable of super-slow mo about life in and around the South Pacific Ocean, in the first episode alone is the most stunning documentary footage I’ve ever seen. Makes me finally really appreciate the money I spent on this widescreen monitor back in 2007 ¬_¬

I’m playing about with the Blog Pages thing at the moment, going to stick some writing pieces up there when I have the time to get it sorted out. Tonight is 2-for-1 wednesday at the cinema, and another horror on the cards this week, this time the remake of notorious seventies video nasty, The Last House On The Left.

Edit: Ahem, forgot to mention the name of the series!

Update: The Last House On The Left was pretty much the polar opposite experience of Drag Me To Hell. Save a couple of over-the-top-erring-on-slapstick death scenes, it’s a grim film indeed, with a very, very slim amount of humour to be found amongst the murk. It’s solidly made in terms of camerawork,  though the scoring could have been tweaked to make certain scenes more effective, and delivers its message well. Biggest gripe though? My fellow human beings. It was hard not to feel slightly envious of the on-screen characters’ vengeance as the audience around me chattered, laughed innapropriately and otherwise abused my ears. I know I’m probably overly anal about noise in the cinema, but there was even laughter during a nasty sexual abuse scene, which just makes me despair.

I look forward to the day someone makes a film called The Cinema Down The Road From Mecca Bingo, about a group of abused cinemagoers who finally get fed up of the people talking in their screening and turn on them, shutting them up in various devious and inventive ways.

Given the choice, definitely go for Drag Me To Hell, unless you really want to sombre your mood. I’m going to go and stare at the happy elephant for a while…

Ahh, I’m feeling better already!


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