Council Wrasslin’

Running on three hours sleep, and it feels like my blood’s been replaced with Tesco economy brand potato juice…

Today was a long day of Council Wrasslin’, a competitive sport which I’ve become a regular participant in over the last year. It involves going into the Leicester Council benefits office, and coming out better off than you were when you went in. Today, they casually told me I had £1000 of Council Tax overdue that needs paying immediately, or else court summons will be issued.


“No, no, I’m afraid you do. Look here: (gestures vaguely at screen full of numbers) That tells us you’re overdue a payment of £1024, so how would you like to pay it? Direct Debit?”

Excuse me while I spit out my unemployed lungs in horror…

To cut a long story short, after a lot of pressing and wrangling, someone admits that they were wrong, it is indeed an error, and all is rectified. Damn straight…  It didn’t help that the second guy dealing with my ‘enquiries’ trembled constantly, and every now and then emitted soft barking sounds to himself, but appearances are usually decieving and indeed the chap turned out to be the most useful person in there and it got sorted eventually.

Not much I can think to add; that took up most of the day. Oh actually, I got my hair cut, which is a fairly momentous occasion in its rarity. Next job is tackling the beard; I’ll set aside tomorrow morning for that task, methinks… 😉


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2 Responses to “Council Wrasslin’”

  1. netta Says:

    Wow. I hate when that happens, I usually have to change my pants because I’ve shit them. Heh.

    So glad it worked out for you.


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