iTunes Blues and Website News

It’s a special kind of horror opening iTunes to find your music and playlists aren’t there anymore. Especially when you have 87 gigs worth of choons, and playlists crafted lovingly over a number of years…

Fortunately, while all the iTunes data has vanished into the ether, the actual music’s still on the hardrive so all I’ve lost are the playlists. Still, that’s fairly crappy, as I was proud of my playlists – they’re the scaffolding that gives the monolith its structure, the roads criss-crossing a massive desert of data, etc. etc. 😛  Ah well, time for a new start it seems, though I wonder if I can extract them from my iPod somehow… where there’s an internet, there’s usually a way!

Speaking of which,

the NOCTURN website is finished (for now anyway, aside from a couple of character art pieces which I’m sure will be well worth the wait), and running about as well as I could have hoped 😀 Let me know what you think!


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6 Responses to “iTunes Blues and Website News”

  1. Ken K. Says:

    A damned nice site with awesome graphics. Nice work, Alex!!

  2. Simonne Says:

    Yes! It looks fabulous! Congrats. My one suggestion would be to take out the line that gives the word count and that it’s only at first draft.

  3. netta Says:

    Wow, that looks fawesome!!

    Nicely done, Alex.

  4. Simonne Says:

    Yep, that’s what I was getting at, sorry to be so vague! Yes, if an interested publisher was looking at the site (it does happen!) and saw it was a first draft they’d be less likely to hang around.

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