The End of the World Has a Sugar Coating

“It’s nothing; just a small cut. What?

Tom was irritated, and slightly embarrassed, to see that she was still staring at him. “Don’t be such a girl, haven’t you ever seen blood bef…”

As he followed her pointed gaze to his arm however, the words quickly cut their losses and faded away upon the sweet-tasting breeze. It was not blood oozing  from the cut in his arm.

Chocolate?” he muttered. “Oh no…”

He was suddenly feeling very faint. Mazmin took a step back from him in shock as his skin started to turn a deep brown hue. He had a pounding headache, and it felt like a dam of pressure was building behind his forehead.

“Mazzy, I don’t know if I-”

For a brief moment their eyes met, and Tom cried chocolate tears.


The Chocalypse is coming…


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3 Responses to “The End of the World Has a Sugar Coating”

  1. Simonne Says:

    Ooo, death by chocolate! This is intriguing indeed, Alex!

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      Glad to hear your interest is piqued! The idea was sparked from a conversation with Jaym Gates about the atrocity of unavailable chocolate munchies heh… whatever works, I guess!

  2. Liz Says:

    Really got my attention on this one! Keep posting, keep posting. My boss realy thinks I’m doing research for his sales strategy…

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