“No blueys today!”

said multipurpose local shop man to me this afternoon, taking a moment out from teaching his ten-year-old son how to run the business. No blueys today. Each word a bullet to the chest. And he was right – the crispy M&Ms were sold out. How’s a guy supposed to get shit done without a regular supply of his favorite chocolate munchies?

Clearly this was an omen, as my efforts to get a preliminary version of my website online have met with only marginal success. I can get a shaky text version of one page up – ‘index.php’, and can’t for the life of me figure out how to link it to the rest of the pages that I’ve uploaded. Well, it’s not quite ready yet anyway so I’ve got a few days to figure it out, and I’m quite proud of the re-design so far; it’s alot more streamlined than the previous version which up and died on me.

I wonder what the silver lining for the M&M cloud will be. Not getting diabetes, perhaps.

Oh, and I decided on ‘without the ‘e’ , for the book title. So NOCTURN it is! Mark it, and mark it well…

*Disclaimer: Excess sugar doesn’t actually give you diabetes, but it seemed too good an urban myth to pass up 😉


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