To ‘e’ or not to ‘e’

Nocturne logo copy




‘Til now, the novel’s been called Nocturne. However, that french twist it has doesn’t fit the language of the book, and the word itself has a certain meaning and origin in the book that I don’t want to conflict in the reader’s head. Nocturn, the more gutteral interpretation, would fit a lot better. Also, I quite like that rough ‘logo’ I just knocked up ¬_¬

Any thoughts?

Minor annoyance: last night I screwed up my website by accident, and have to start completely from scratch. God damn CSS unified template layout muttermuttermumble…


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One Response to “To ‘e’ or not to ‘e’”

  1. Ken Kiser Says:

    I like it without the ‘E’

    The title design you worked up looks nice too. However, you have to accept that while coming up with your own cool title designs can be fun and can give your books a nice visual reference, there is really no chance at all that those designs will ever get used in the event you achieve publication.

    As you know, I’ve done *somewhat* cool title designs for all five of my books… but I use them for pre-publication promotional purposes only. 😀

    Definitely without the “E’

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