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Hush, and shush, for the beldam might be listening…

May 15, 2009


Went to see Coraline 3D this afternoon, and in a brilliant stroke of luck ended up being the only person in the showing (unemployment, it seems, is not without its perks). So it was screw standard seating; head into the premier section, off with my shoes, feet up and 3D glasses on to enjoy a personal screening of an excellently eerie, bizarre and funny film.

The story in a nutshell is that Coraline, whose life at home is dull and is ignored by her parents, finds a doorway that leads to a parallel universe, wherein she discovers her ‘Other Family’ – a seemingly perfect mirror image of her parents, with a few notable exceptions, primarily the fact that they have buttons for eyes.

I’m sure you can piece together what kind of direction the plot takes, but while the story acts as a fairly predictable backbone, it is fleshed out with an amazingly fresh set of characters, locations and concepts that make for some of the most engaging horror comedy I’ve ever seen. About the horror angle… For what is a family-rated film, there was clearly a lot of effort put in to make sure the disturbing aspects of the story came across, with scenes ranging from eerie, (without wanting to give much away, one example is the Other Mother asking Coraline to let her sew buttons into her eyes… all the while grinning from ear to ear) , to creepy, to outright horror – this ain’t no Finding Nemo.

The 3D was put to good use drawing the viewer into the film rather than just throwing stuff out at you, and given the choice, I can’t think of any reason to see it in 2D. I’m one of the people who reckon 3D could well be the future of cinema; James Cameron’s upcoming film ‘Avatar’ is sending ripples through the industry with its reportedly ‘revolutionary’ 3D tech, and if that does take off, who knows? For the time being though, plastic glasses are doing the trick pretty nicely… 😛

So yeah, Coraline: laughs, gasps and chills. Highly recommended!