The Beast of Deepest Peru

Hello and welcome to any and all who’re stumbling across this place 🙂 Have a poem I scribbled a few months back:

In the shifting sands of the deepest east
lies a very peculiar and unfathomable beast,
who stalks victims with a glint in his eye,
and a gentleman’s gait in his muted stride.

At first you may be fooled by such a courteous gaze,
but know that ’tis as insubstantial as the desert haze
and wouldn’t hesitate a second before taking your life
in a manner much more deadly than any hunting knife.

The common monsters of the world are hideous and warped,
sporting foul unpleasant features, with lumps and eyes that gawp.
This particular individual bears no unsightly demeanour
yet in this world you’re sure to find that there is no fiend meaner.

And dwelleth not in dark cave this most ancient of perils,
nor in a gothic cathedral flanked by coarse demonic heralds
(For such is the force of habit of the very foolish ghoul –
It is a white picket fence that surrounds the evil most cruel).

So as you venture down the busy market streets
perusing oh so gaily the fine selection of meats
remember the tale of the beast of Peru,
who strolls behind, and is looking at you…


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5 Responses to “The Beast of Deepest Peru”

  1. Simonne Says:

    Nice one! (Warped with gawp? Love it!)

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      I had so much fun writing this one, the images just swept into my mind all at once. Gotta love it when inspiration does all the hard work for you, right?!

  2. les hughes Says:

    do i detect a pooh thing going on here? or just a craving for honey flavoured m&m,s!

    • Alex Masterson Says:

      Hehe, I’ve even got a massive jar of them to carry around with me! 😉 Great to hear from you Les, how are things?

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